Susan Hobbs, FNTP

Susan is a functional nutritional therapy practitioner and a real food enthusiast!

After battling various chronic health ailments, she found relief and better health and vitality using real, whole, nutrient-dense food and lifestyle changes. Her own healing journey inspired her to help others thrive again. She spent many years exploring how food is medicine and went on to certify as a Functional Nutritional Therapy practitioner in 2019.

While helping clients, Susan has continued to pursue a deeper understanding of the role of food and the gut (GI system) in bringing relief to clients with chronic diseases—especially autoimmune issues. In 2021, she became a certified Autoimmune Protocol Coach and in 2022, she became a  Restorative Wellness Practitioner, which focuses on dietary protocols that support and balance the GI system.

Susan believes in the power of nutrient-dense whole foods to balance and nourish the body, leading to better health, energy, and quality of life. She uses individual dietary changes and supplements to bring the body back into balance and enable it to heal.

Susan believes that every client has the power to change their health and quality of life through learning how to best nourish their own body.

To learn more about Susan, please visit her website by clicking here.


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