Agreement Overview

Membership is one of the more cost effective ways to cover office services at Harris Internal Medicine. Membership fees are usually paid on a monthly basis but can be paid quarterly or annually. When you become a member at Harris Internal Medicine the term of the agreement is one year, however it can be terminated at any time with a thirty day notice. Please note, the membership is not an insurance plan and it only covers services provided by Harris Internal Medicine.

For your convenience, you can sign up for membership electronically by clicking the "Become a Member" below or download and print out the agreement and bring it into the office. Either way, we will be excited to have you as a new member to the practice!

Please watch the video below to learn more about the membership healthcare model - Direct Primary Care!

Individual Membership


Corporate Membership


Office Visit Fees

Membership fees cover unlimited office visits, in-office labs and in-office
procedures. Send out labs are charged at wholesale price.


Membership Fees

  • Individual Membership:
    • Age 12-44: $55/month*
    • Age 45-69: $75/month
    • Age 70 and over $95/month
    • Age 12-25 with parent/guardian membership: $15/month
  • Corporate Membership: $50/month per employee