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Why Harris Internal Medicine?

“Why am I still sick?” We hear this time and time again from new clients who have seen many providers and even specialists before. We know it’s been frustrating – but the good news that you're finally in the right place!

Unlike many health providers, we take a holistic approach incorporating functional medicine, advanced lab testing paired with up-to-date nutritional science so we can identify exactly what’s out of balance and then help your body return to balance, naturally.

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Our Approach

Our functional medicine approach is unique because we address both current + longterm health issues in our comprehensive programs. Our goal is to restore your body’s innate healing potential by removing triggering conditions & events, supporting detox and cellular rebuilding.

After our in-depth intake, exploring both past and present symptoms and reviewing lab tests, we’ll craft a personalized treatment protocol for your specific needs so you can finally leave your chronic dis-ease behind.

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Root Cause Of Your Illness

At Harris Internal Medicine, we focus on getting to the root causes of your chronic wellness issues – examining the key imbalances that are responsible for virtually all symptoms you’re experiencing right now... instead of just focusing on masking symptoms with expensive prescription meds.

We focus on the “up-stream” triggers of chronic illnesses – including toxicity in your home or work-place, potential food intolerances and allergies, gut & hormonal imbalances, as well as mindset issues that all determine how healthy you are.

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Why We're Different

Functional Medicine is the “medicine of the future” because it focuses on restoring your body’s innate healing potential, and not just treating symptoms. It uses a combination of science-driven testing with holistic health practices, to treat the whole person and not just parts of your body.

Since each person is biologically unique, a “one size fits all” approach never works. That’s why when you have a precise understanding of what triggered the symptoms, you can craft a precise treatment plan without relying on guesswork!

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Harris Internal Medicine

Too often, people work with a primary care doctor to address a symptom or chronic issue only to hit a wall when it comes to finally healing or even understanding why they are sick. After years of seeing this happen with patients, Dr. Erinn Harris opened a functional medicine clinic that combines direct primary care along with the tools to go deeper on testing and lifestyle factors that are typically the cause of chronic illness. With this blended approach, she is able to deliver the more comprehensive type of care that she wants for all her patients. She uses best tools from standard care along with advances in functional medicine testing, functional nutrition, and lifestyle modification so that they can finally conquer chronic health issues for good.


Harris Internal Medicine

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In Our Patients Own Words

  • A few months later I feel great! I've been able to remove 2 prescription medications. My energy level is better than it's been in decades, allowing me to exercise and fully participate in life. I'm sleeping better which further contributes to feeling well. I've lost about 30 pounds so far. This wasn't part of the plan but seems to be my body naturally shedding extra weight as it begins to work more efficiently. My nausea is gone and my brain is increasingly clear.

    Clay C.
  • “My experience in the care of Dr. Harris has truly been life-saving at a time when I was feeling really stuck with my health, and down on myself for it. I had been suffering from several issues from rosacea and acne to brain fog, to chronic stomach upset, and anxiety and sleep issues for what felt like forever. Dr. Harris helped me realize I had leaky gut which was causing all my issues from anxiety to the rosacea. Now the brain fog is better, sleep is better, digestion is better. She has helped me see improvement in all aspects of my life, and I am eternally grateful. I refer everyone to see Dr. Harris and Marlee.”

    Amanda B.

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Do you have questions about starting your path back to health? Our patient coordinator is standing by, happy to answer any questions you have to determine if our approach is right for you.

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